Some of my programming projects:

ClusteringCommon Lisp, Scheme, Perl Some tools and stuff for clustering data. Includes an implementation of DBSCAN in Common Lisp. Dont get confused by the odd name.
BMovieReviewerJava, Perl Editor for creating Movie reviews and uploading them to The B-Movieprojekt Homepage. Also includes a CMS written in Perl for the server side. This CMS is not the one used on the actual web page, though...
fuLispCWhenever you read any book about LISP, it will end up implementing interpreters and compilers ... in LISP. This is neat, but however, as you use LISP to implement LISP, you maneuver around the main pitfalls, like dynamic typing and garbage collection - its inherited by the LISP implementation used to implement your LISP. Therefor, I decided to implement my own little LISP interpreter in C. Interesting experience, that I wont miss! Honestly, I guess, anyone coding should undergo this experience as it teaches you a lot about the costs of those nifty features you love with your favourite scripting language.
nagaPythonA small Content Management System that powers this web page.
sudosolPythonA small Sudoku solver.
eldritchdCA small HTTP server

There are others, including some numerical solvers, smaller stuff, e.g. for solving sudokus (because I do not like solving them :D ).