New naga version released
Sat, 08 Feb 2014 16:44:20 -0000
A new naga version has been rolled out! There have been major changes. Although mainly under the hood, this is quite an important mile stone for the development of the CMS.
Update: Corrected spelling error - definitely in need of a preview for writing articles!
Update: Again corrected a minor spelling mistake.
Update: And once more ...
The most obvious changes include a navigation bar with a fixed size to accommodate the needs for viewing the page on mobiles as well as a bug fix for listing the content of a category. When listing a category, all entries actually linked to the same article. This has been a really devastating bug, but nevertheless the most important achievement of this new version is something different: I included a markup language for writing articles. Why bother would one ask - find the answer in nagaafakefaq. Enjoy!