Minimalistic HTTP server
Sun, 12 Jun 2016 13:00:50 -0000
I wrote a small minimalistic HTTP server in C - I call it 'eldritchd' .
Update: typo
Update: Eldritch now delivers
The code for the server can be found on GitHub.

Why yet another HTTP server?

I write it to learn - basically to learn about the BSD socket api, the Posix API, dealing with it in C and HTTP. Up till now I mostly used tools & frameworks for accomplishing this, be it the ACE library for C++, Apache & WGSI in Python or Apache CGI in Perl.

How does it work?

Read the on GitHub. If it does not contain an appropriate description, it will.

Wanna see Eldritch in action?

Just visit - Ok, its very limited but - it works :) I set up a dedicated test page underneath to demonstrate some very basic stuff like delivering ASCII text and images.