From Weilheim to Peissenberg
Wed, 02 Jul 2014 07:45:39 -0000
This tour would us not lead to marvellous places, historic buildings or the like, this tour had been dedicated entirely to the landscape at the foothills of the Alps and would eventually lead us upon the Peissenberg, the first hill before the Alps providing astonishing panoramic views - backwards to the areas passed through and forwards towards the majestic ridges of the Alps that waited for us.
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We started off from the DLR groundstation at Weilheim, only three people at this time. One of us had been hindered for personal reasons from joining and another one that did not stay over night. We would meet her and another acquaintance later on. Rather late we started, therefore hurrying towards Paterzell village, where we were bound to meet the others. The day started sunny, and sunny it would stay! Rushing forward, we cut through the plain meadows around the ground station, on through some small villages and past herds of cattle, soon reaching the cool shades of the forrest, and soon, the Eibenwald beyond, one of the rare forrests comprised of yews. At the entrance to it, we were supposed to meet with our acquaintances, but despite being quite late, we did not encounter them. After a close encounter with Murphys law - no cell phone connection could be established - and waiting and looking in the vicinity we ultimately encountered them a few dozen of meters within the forrest itself, waiting for us. Despite having lost some time, there was still plenty of it so we walked the forrest of yews eagerly reading all the tags spread along the track telling about the astonishing yew tree, and then heading rapidly for Paterzell village to have a sit down at the terrace of the Eibenwald restaurant, a highly recommended place to eat! Spending some time enjoying our lunch, the sun had already left zenit for a while when we rose to leave. Into another forrest, and up the steep slope right south of Paterzell, we soon entered a plateau bare of trees, but unveiling the view to the Peissenberg, our target for the day.
Image: Looking at our target
From now on we barely found shady places any more but just meadows, pastures, hew and, from time to time, small villages until the root of the Peissenberg itself. Some of us got rather unnerved by the searing sun shining down upon us for hours, I did not. It has been a great landscape, a great weather and, hey, you always sweat when hiking anyhow, so you just can put on your jacket as well to hide from the sun :)
Image: looking at our target, still
Image: At the root of the Peissenberg
Image: Me hiding from the searing sun
From the bottom of the Peissenberg up to the top did not last long, and we found shelter again in a forrest, enabling me to remove my coverage..
Image: The great panorama we were rewarded with at on top of the Peissenberg - in the middle hidden behind a clump of trees, the Hoernle that would be visited by us later on
The plateau on top of the Peissenberg still had to be surpassed, but it did not take much time to accomplish this, and we were rewarded greatly. You have a impressive panorama showing the majestic ridges of the Alps in front of you, and stepping only a few meters apart, are able to oversee the plains that lie between the Peissenberg and Munich, most of the area we passed through thus far:
Image: The view back, as faint white dots barely visible there are the aerials of the Weilheim groundstation in the middle, further to the right, Raisting groundstation with its Radom, and at the horizon, still lurking for the knowing one, the tower of Andechs monastery
Faintly on the horizon, the tower of Andechs monastery, Raisting groundstation, and Weilheim groundstation, where you still can distinguish the old lady, the 30m dish. It looked eastward telling us that at the time, there were no duties to pursue, and thus, it was relieved for now. And so were we, entering the restaurant to have supper. Climbing down to Peissenberg village was a matter of tens of minutes, so at the train station we took a sip of Maffays liquor we bought the day before. We did not have to wait for long, the train was quite in time.