From the Marienplatz to Planegg
Tue, 10 Jun 2014 17:19:13 -0000
We really gathered for the start of our Grand Tour from Munich to Venice. We hit the road at the Marienplatz, the very heart of Munich, on a sunny Saturday in March this Spring, heading for Planegg in the southern west of Munich.
Image: The still incomplete hive of Venice-pursuers
It has been a pleasant Saturday morning, around ten o'clock, when the four of us met at the Marienplatz, the very heart of Munich to start our tour heading for Venice. Still not complete, off we went wandering and meandering through the valleys of the city heading westward, to the Rotkreuzplatz, where a neat and VERY straight channel emerged from the city jungle. Following this channel and always being watched over by carps staring out of the slowly running water we soon arrived at our first target, the castle of Nymphenburg, build by Bavarian dukes on their search for relieve from the summer heat of Munich.
Image: Nymphenburg castle, built by Bavarian dukes on their search for relieve from the city heat
Still too early in this year, we did not see much green within the great gardens in the backyard of the castle, but there we did find our first Biergarten to sit down, relaxe and enjoy food and, of course, beer. Yet, the road waited, and therefor we finally left through the gardens and into the woods surrounding them, where we actually found neat blooms underneath their shady twigs.
Image: Pestwurz at the channel flowing away from Nymphenburg into the Wuerm river
Heading straight on we found and followed the channel cutting through the gardens away from Nymphenburg for the Wuerm river. Following it for some time nearly up until Pasing, we turned right and approached Blutenburg castle, not quite as impressive as giant Nymphenburg, but comfortably small and just lovely. Moreover, there was a cafe to have another break and have a cup and coffee and some cake.
Image: The rather small Blutenburg castle near Pasing, neat and lovely
Unfortunalely, Pasing waited and thus we went back, and further on through the Pasinger Stadtpark, always near the Wuerm river, passing by a decent mill wheel. It was barely noticeable that we passed through to Graefelfing and finally reached Planegg.
Image: The church of Planegg, straight behind the Wuerm river
There we found our todays final target, a restaurant there, where we enjoyed quite a bit of strong beer and had a nice dinner, planning for the next tour...