From Altenau to Oberammergau - and up the Hoernle
Sun, 15 Feb 2015 02:38:04 -0000
Finally, we climbed our first peak of the Alps!
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Wandering - meandering for seven tours we had reached the Alps at last. Now it was time to climb the first mountain! Having gathered at the train station at Altenau the first challenge was to find the way out of the village - thanks to our planner-in-chief we mastered this task quite well, and ultimately left behind us the Ammer river that had accompanied us for this long. It took some time to cross the valley, but the Hoernle mountain had been and stood in sight the entire time.
Image: Looking at our target, the Hoernle mountain
Climbing its western slope took some time, and the weather worsened unfortunately, and when we reached the first shed rain started. Natives celebrated something around that shed playing music and selling beer, so we took shelter underneath the roof and had a beer or two, until rain stopped again and the sun slowly broke through the cloudy sky again. Hoernle does not have one but three peaks, and two could be seen from this shed, but time had not come to climb them yet, so we passed by underneath them (ok, I decided to climb the lowest one as it was only a few more meters to go...) and soon reached the Hoernlealm where one has a great panoramic view onto the northern lands of the very heart of Bavaria.
Image: Looking down to the heart of Bavaria
Turning back we passed again two of the peaks, and Daniel and me decided to climb the highest of these peaks, while the others kept heading on for Oberammergau. It was the right choice, the view was even greater than from the Hoernlealm, and you are served a true 360 degree panoramic view, from the northern plain to the southern main ridge of the Apls, truely intriguing, majestic mountains looking over to us, a great experience!
Image: The highest peak of the Hoernle
Image: Looking at the other two Hoernle peaks
On our way back down again Daniel slipped tearing his trousers, and then at the second time his ankle, but however, we catched up with the others again, climbed to Oberammergau and had a much debated dinner in one of the restaurants down there before catching the train back to Munich.
Image: Facing the way ahead