New release of naga deployed
Sun, 05 Jan 2014 17:57:02 -0000
naga CMS release no 13 has been deployed on
Update: Spelling error corrected.
Today I deployed a new version of my CMS naga, release no 13.
This release brings a few improvements, although mainly 'behind the scenes'. The editing facilities have been entirely reworked. First of all, the authentication is now handled by cookies. This means, there is a new script, cgi-bin/ to log in. As soon as one has been logged in, there will be two more links on the left navigation bar, enabling log out again and adding a new article/news entry. When viewing an article and being logged in, a new 'edit' link on the top of the article will appear. Be aware that naga uses secure cookies, therefore login / editing will only work if HTTPS is used. Besides that, viewing all entries of a category now gives a sorted list of article headings and the layout of the list has been reworked.