Discovering my new mobile
Sat, 26 Oct 2013 10:29:33 -0000
I adored my N900, I really did. Unfortunately, it broke down this week, and I had to look for some replacement...
On monday this week my beloved Nokia N900 collapsed. Its a real pity cause it was a really nifty device, running a debian linux which you could do nearly anything with. Heck, it had a console with all those tools you know from your servers - running an sshd? No problem! (And I got to even appreciate that a lot more since I deal with an Android now...) However, its been a really bad time for something like that to happen. Currently I wait for my Firefox OS powered Peak+ to arrive, but rumor had it that it wont be delivered until end of November. So I just decided to give the mainstream a go and bridge the time with an Galaxy. It IS an interesting device but rather limitted compared to my late N900. For instance, currently it looks like on the console, at least when there is no WLAN, there is no connectivity from the command line. An nslookup is just unable to reach any dns server, heck, I am not even able to do a simple ping to lets say the raw ip of a google server. And, that device only speaks MTP if connected via USB - no mass storage mode available. You wont be able to use it unless you install drivers. Which should piss off everyone who got linux on his computer - or anyone who intends to just connect his device to a friend's machine quickly to just grab some audio, video, text, ... from there onto the Galaxy! However, I tried to avoid facebook and co thus far, but that damn device really is quite good at seducing one... and as I lost my entire contact list when the N900 broke down, I am currently not as strict about delivering all my data to google. Thez DID so a rather good job , so I will just give that virtual cloud thingy a try!