We lost the crypto wars
Sat, 26 Oct 2013 11:00:52 -0000
It just struck me to discover that we actually lost the crypto wars
Lately I reached the conclusion that regarding security, we truly lost the war. This is no matter about technology. In fact, I am able to chat and send email safely encrypted from my Android phone. The worst part of setting this up has been transferring my GPG-Keys to my new mobile, due to the USB mass storage problem described in my last post. In my humble opinion, we lost the war due to "comfortable numbness" as Pink Floyd put it. I realised that when I tried to send mail to a friend of mine who works as a security consultant and was unable to find his current key on any key server I was looking for, and when I asked him for his key he admitted that he does not have one any more. I ran into the same situation with others as well, which I never dared to assume that those would not be able to provide a GPG key, and if just for the sake of having one. If not even those die-hard security afficionados care about their GPG keys because they consider it not worth it anymore, then whom could one expect to care?